Hello everyone!

My name is Hanna (@NeuroTrees). I started this blog to help bring awareness and push for different dialogues on important issues. These issues are rooted in Environmental Sustainability and Public Health. Personally, I love combining different disciplines to solve complex issues and find that to be the best mode for collaboration.

Besides my interest in these themes, I am Somali and have always been interested in my country’s history, culture, language and complex issues. I always found myself connected to Somalia’s rich ecological history, which is often not spoken about. It wasn’t until my last two years of my undergraduate degree that I indulged in Somalia’s environment, which is connected to health issues, decrease in biodiversity and ecological degradation, and the lack of policy protecting its people and environment.

I wanted to keep my first post brief, so I’ll get to the goals of this blog:

Goal 1: Educate Somali youth(s) and young adults about the environmental issues facing Somalis in the diaspora, and back home in Somalia in a manner that is understandable and engaging.

Goal 2: Create a resource list that consists of ecological related issues in PDFs. I will also try to see if there is any current/on-going research relating to Somalia’s environment.

Goal 3: Develop discussions through this blog’s twitter handle (@geediyobiyo) and with the hashtag: #geediyobiyo

Goal 4: Have someone help me translate environmental terms from English to Somali, with great tools to motivate Somali youth.

Goal 5: Provide a safe but educational space. I am always open to learn as much as I love to teach and engage. I do not want this blog to become one that is bias or lacking sustenance. I enjoy constructive criticisms.

2 thoughts on “Purpose 

  1. So amazing to see such efforts coming from the diaspora. I can’t even begin to express how overjoyed I am by this initiative you’re taking! Much love and support, from a fellow diaspora kid. Wishing you all the best on this journey and I’ll be looking forward to being able to help out along the way in any way I can.


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